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Latest improvements on the Open Data Portal

March 29, 2023

Latest Improvements

We are really excited to announce that the latest release of improvements on the Open Data Portal are now live.

New dedicated FOI response area

One of biggest changes you will see is that we now have new dedicated FOI Responses area on the portal. Based on your user feedback, it means that it is easier to find and search for both FOI responses and full datasets in separate areas. We hope that the experience of finding what you need is now simpler and cleaner.

Upload of pdf files as a resource

Also, an improvement for our FOI responses area, is the ability to add pdf as a resource to an FOI response. There are specific requirements for some FOI responses to be given in a pdf format and therefore this functionality allows us to respond in most appropriate way quickly and easily. I know some reading this may point out the desired move away from pdf usage on accessibility grounds, it should be noted that FOIs fall outside of this legislation, but we will still work closely to improve the accessibility of everything we publish on the ODP.

User Interaction (UI) improvements

We also worked with UI and UX designers to improve and fix a range of issues that you had reported to us, they include but aren’t limited to; auto sorting of dataset resources from newest to oldest, long list of resources condensed with ‘show more’ functionality, erroneous white spacing removal, button alignment fixes, text overspill and poorly sized text fixes, image alignment in articles fixes.

These changes represent another big step in us making the Open Data Portal better for users and we are excited to hear what everyone thinks.

As always feel free to contact us at