Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions, which apply to any use made by you of information and or other material contained on the NHS Business Services Authority‘s (NHSBSA) Open Data Portal.

  1. The data and information available through the NHSBSA Open Data Portal is available under terms described in the “licence” field of individual dataset records. Except where otherwise noted this is the Open Government Licence. Should you wish to re-use data made available via the NHSBSA Open Data Portal you must acknowledge the NHSBSA as source of the Information in your product or application.
  2. All rights, including copyright, in the content of the NHSBSA Open Data Portal are controlled for these purposes by the NHSBSA. In accessing the NHSBSA Open Data Portal, you agree that you may only download the content as detailed in the Open Government Licence.
  3. The methods of searching and presentation of information, certain information content, graphics, layout, design and other features of the NHSBSA Open Data Portal are protected by intellectual property rights belonging to us.
  4. We endeavour to ensure the accuracy of all of the information available on the NHSBSA Open Data Portal. However, we do not accept any liability for the use made by you of the information; neither do we warrant that the supply of the information will be uninterrupted.
  5. The NHSBSA Open Data Portal may contain links to various websites that are operated by third parties over whom we have no control. We therefore do not make any representation, and do not accept any liability, in respect of the security, content, products or services available from such websites, or the business of such third parties. Any dealings with third parties accessed using the NHSBSA Open Data Portal website shall be entirely at your own risk.
  6. NHSBSA reserve the right to withdraw without notice usage of the Open Data Portal or any of its functionality where usage is deemed by the NHSBSA to be in excess of acceptable demand or outside the bounds of ‘fair use’, as determined at the discretion of the NHSBSA. For example, if you query the provided data API many times in quick succession to rapidly extract a large amount of data, that may place excessive demands on the system, and access to the API may be withdrawn. In these cases, it is best to download the full flat file for the data you are interested in and manipulate it locally. If you believe you have a valid use case for high usage of the data API, then please contact us to discuss this at DataServicesSupport@nhsbsa.nhs.uk.
  7. You may find that during times of very high demand the functionality of the Open Data Portal is restricted for all users.
  8. The NHSBSA will analyse anonymised usage data of the Open Data Portal to help us plan and make improvements.