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Exciting new user features on the Open Data Portal

October 20, 2022
We are delighted to let you know about new functionality on the Open Data Portal.

  • User accounts that enable you to follow and get updates (like when new data is available) on the datasets that matter to you

  • Discussion areas on all datasets so that you can ask questions and share ideas with us and other Open Data Portal users

  • Report an issue button so that you can let us know quickly and easily about any issues on the portal

  • Optional email notifications that let you know about new data availability and other key updates

To find our more, please watch our short video tour or read more below.

User accounts

Signing into the Open Data Portal is easy. You can assess the login page from main navigation bar on all Open Data Portal pages.

You can use the traditional email sign up option or use one of our social sign in options through Google, Github or Microsoft.

Log-in-screen Signing into the Open Data Portal is completely optional, all datasets and download functionality are available to all users whether they sign in or not.

Signing in means that you can follow datasets and themes that interest you. When you follow a dataset or theme you will get dashboard notifications when new data is added or changes are made


Every dataset now has a 'Discussions' area. This is to enable you to participate in the Open Data Portal community, ask questions and get answers, share what you are doing with the data and best practice.

The 'Discussions' area is designed to be viewed by all users. To start discussions and post replies you just need to sign in.

Report an issue

We have also added a new button to dataset and data explorer pages to make it easier to report any issues you are having with the Open Data Portal and the data we provide.


Any issues reported do directly to the Open Data support team who will investigate. If you provide an email address when reporting the team will get in touch to keep you updated.

Email notifications

You can sign up to receive optional email notifications from the 'Manage account' screen.


You will only get email notifications about datasets and themes that you have followed. Notifications are sent when new data or updates are made.

You can turn off email notifications at any time from the 'Manage account' screen.

All of the new functionality has been added to improve your experience of using the Open Data Portal. If you have any feedback or ideas for improvements, let us know at