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Changes to the Secondary Care Medicines Data (SCMD)

March 20, 2023
We have made changes to the Secondary Care Medicines data (SCMD) we publish.

We previously published Secondary Care Medicines Data in two locations on the Open Data Portal.

Secondary Care Medicines Data

Secondary Care Medicines Data with Indicative Price

We have consolidated this so that we will only provide version of the SCMD. The version that we have decided to continue to publish is, the version of SCMD, with an indicative price metric. The dataset with indicative price was in the Experiment Area theme and has been moved into the Hospital & Provider Medicines theme. The SCMD without indictive price will be retired and no further data will be added to that page.

Secondly, the data we publish has been in a provisional format. We hold a validated final version of this data in our data warehouse. We will be removing all of the provisional monthly files for previous financial years and will publish the finalised monthly files instead. For example, all 12 provisional monthly files from financial year 2021/22 have been removed and will be replaced with 12 final monthly files for whole of financial year 2021/22.

Provisional monthly files will continue to be published for the current year until the finalised yearly file is available. We expect to load the previous financial years finalised files each July.

In summary:

We now publish only one version of SCMD and it includes indicative price. It can be accessed here.

We will remove all provisional monthly files for previous years and publish the finalised monthly files instead.

We continue to publish provisional files for the current year until we receive the finalised yearly file.

If you have any feedback or ideas for improvements, let us know at