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Prescription Cost Analysis (PCA) Monthly Administrative Data

PCA contains information on all prescriptions items dispensed in the community in England on a monthly basis and submitted to the NHSBSA for reimbursement.

This data mirrors the methodology used in the PCA Annual National Statistics publication. The latest statistical release, along with more information on what PCA contains, can be found on the NHSBSA website and you can specifically read the Prescription Cost Analysis Background Information and Methodology. The monthly PCA release is a monthly management information data set and is not an Official Statistic.

Data for February 2008 to March 2021 is available on the NHSBSA website in a legacy format.


09 July 2023

It was identified that data had been assigned to the incorrect SNOMED code in the Prescription Cost Analysis (PCA) Monthly Administrative data releases for March 2023 and April 2023. This is due to products being assigned the pack level SNOMED code in March instead of the product level SNOMED code.

This issue has now been fixed and the correct data for March and April is now available from this page

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