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FOI 27692


‘I am writing to submit a request under the freedom of information act for information regarding vaccine damage claims for the covid19 vaccines. I would like to request the following information: -

  1. total number of claims submitted –
  2. total number of successful claims –
  3. the reasons for each claim e.g. death, injury and what kind of injury is the claim being made for, blood clots, myocarditis etc.
  4. I would also like to know the age of the person for whom the claim has been made and also
  5. whether they were pregnant at the time of being given the covid vaccine or not (if they were were pregnant I'd like to know if the baby was harmed also).

I would like to request that this information is provided on a public website and updated with new data as it comes in to you.’


As of 9 September 2022.

Question 1

2,566 claims have been submitted in relation to a COVID-19 vaccine.

Question 2

18 claimants have been notified they are entitled to a Vaccine Damage Payment.

Question 3

The claim form asks the claimant to tell us what happened after the vaccination. It is at the medical assessment stage that independent medical assessors provide a description of the assessed conditions they have been able to identify from the claimant's medical records. Once the claim is assessed, the reason for the assessment outcome may be different to the reason given by the claimant for the initial claim. If you would like to receive figures on the number of claims assessed in each category, please submit a fresh request.

Question 4

The claimant’s date of birth is held on each individual claim form, however we do not capture this centrally and therefore we would need to interrogate all 2,566 forms to establish the date of birth and calculate their age. We estimate that it would take approx. 1 minutes per form to extract the date of birth. It would therefore take approx. 42 hours to locate, retrieve and extract this information.

Therefore, I estimate that the cost of complying with this part of your request would exceed the non-central Government limit of £450. The limit has been specified in The Freedom of Information and Data Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations 2004 and represents the estimated cost of one person spending 18 hours in determining whether the NHSBSA holds the information, and locating, retrieving and extracting the information. Under Section 12 of the Freedom of Information Act, the NHSBSA is not obliged to comply with your request and I will not be processing this part of your request further.

We are unable to produce reporting for ages at present, but future systems will be able to provide reports on this kind of data.

Question 5

We do not capture information relating to claimant pregnancy status of the claimant; therefore, we are unable to provide information relating to pregnancy outcome following vaccination.

Data Queries

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