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Hello under the freedom of information act 2000, please may you provide me a list of all dentists that have submitted claims NHS dental claims during the requested time period in England & Scotland?


A copy of the information is attached.

This report contains the details from FP17s processed for the period stated schedule months 202101-202402 in England. All contracts paid by NHSBSA. The information within the report includes the data items and descriptions listed below. Only Performers who were active submitting FP17(O)s during the period.
Year Month: Used throughout the system to identify the specific year and month that the data relates to, i.e. for forms, it would be the month that the activity was scheduled. This is in the format 'YYYYMM' e.g. 201804 for April 2018.
Date of Completion or Last Visit: General - the date of completion, as stated on part 3 of the FP17, if the course was completed or the date of last visit if it was not completed. All forms should be submitted within 2 months of the date of completion. If a decision is made to mark the form as incomplete, it should be submitted as quickly as possible. Ortho - the date of completion ,as stated on part 6 of the FP17(O), if the course was completed or the date of last visit if it was not completed (i.e. abandoned or discontinued).
Country Name: This is the name associated with the Country the contract is located in.
Total FP17(O)s: This is a count of the number of FP17s and FP17Os scheduled including adjustments for amended and deleted FP17s. Withdrawn FP17s are not included in the total count of FP17s. This figure may be zero or negative if deleted FP17s have been processed.
Please note we do not hold data or cover Scotland.

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