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I work in the buying/pricing department for Simple Online Pharmacy contractor FK552. It would be extremely helpful to have an excel or CVS file of all the items eligible for reimbursement and the pricing. I already download the monthly Drug Tariff in excel for generic lines, which is very useful to our business. Is it feasible to access similar information in bulk, on the other items such as branded ethicals? Currently using DM+D browser for single items but the scale at which we operate would benefit from a downloadable format.

Your request was received on 21 August 2023 and I am dealing with it under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Summary of Response

Under Section 21 of the Act, we are not required to provide information in response to a request if it is already reasonably accessible to you. We advise that you become part of the TRUD dm+d user community as this may be better for the scale at which you operate. You can register for this at the following web link:

If you look for the dm+d links within this, you can freely sign up to receive the full dm+d download every Monday.

Should you require any technical support the helpdesk can be contacted at or 0300 303 4777. Should you have any enquiries about any gaps on dm+d or any dm+d Editorial Policy related issues you can email:

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